Extreme Outer Limits presents Hunt Long Range


Years of long range hunting experience around the world has allowed us to filter through many different types of products, and determine which ones we can count on, every time. Often times, while filming our TV show, “Extreme Outer Limits”, we have limited days to hunt a certain location/species. When there’s a high likelihood that we may only get one opportunity, having the right gear to capitalize on it, is imperativeyou are no different. It is extremely important to have the right gear. Gear that you can count on, every time, as it might be on the only chance you get.

We have spent years developing products and instruction to help you increase your capabilities behind the rifle. Using the proper equipment is imperative, and when paired with the proper training, you too can achieve the success you’ve always wanted. Attending our Extreme Shooting Schools will help you understand our rifle systems, paired with our shooting equipment, so that when your opportunity of a lifetime presents itself you will be prepared.

Following the numerous hunts we’ve been on all over the Western hemisphere over the years filming Extreme Outer Limits TV, we understand how hard it can be to find just the right hunt and/or outfitter as well as the experience that you are looking for. We have had many clients who have purchased our rifles, or who have attended our shooting schools, that then in turn look to put the skills they have learned to use. That is why we now offer the great Western hunting opportunities at Star Valley Outfitters in Western Wyoming and Broken Top Outfitters in Oregon and New Mexico. We want to make a full-circle experience for our clients, so that you can obtain the gear, receive the proper instruction on how to use it, and in turn go out and put all the puzzle pieces together on your hunt of a lifetime!

Bob and Chris Beck, Owners
Hunt Long Range & Extreme Outer Limits TV