Join Bob Beck and Kelly McMillan as they delve into long range hunting and shooting. They will provide you with a knowledge base founded upon many years of trial and error, which has led to industry leading results. Learn tips, techniques and tactics that will improve your shooting and hunting abilities and gain you the results you’re looking for. Whether you’re just getting in to long range hunting or you’re looking to increase your long range capabilities, you’ve come to the right place.


Bob Beck and Kelly McMillan talk about McMillan’s new MC3 stock. They also discuss whats new with EOL, and MOA Rifles and go behind the scenes for a little industry insider.


Aron Snyder joins us to discuss the new Kifaru Long Range Hunter pack offered exclusively by Extreme Outer Limits. Lots of experience and function went into how this pack is designed; Bob Beck and Calvin Halladay talk with Aron about the creation of the pack and how it came to be.


On this podcast Bob Beck and Jeff Brozovich are in the booth at the Western Hunting and Conservation Expo, and they discuss what they saw in testing of the 155’s, what the plans are for the 245 and what to expect for the 329.
If you’re curious on numbers, and performance of the new Berger Bullet releases, this podcast is for you!


In this episode of the Extreme Outer Limits Podcast, Bob Beck and Kelly McMillan talk with Jeff Brozovich of Longrangeonly.com. With over 80 years of combined long range shooting experience, they have a lot of insight to provide. The group discusses ethics about long range hunting, ; the public’s opinion, as well as the opinions within the industry. The guys also discuss why hunting shouldn’t become one group vs another, and the damage caused by the separation of groups within the hunting community. Jeff talks about his black bear taken at 1702 yards, as well as his long range hunting forums.


In this episode of the Extreme Outer Limits Podcast, Bob Beck sits down with his wife and co-host of Extreme Outer Limits TV, Chris. Chris talks about her upbringing, how her and Bob met, and how the whole idea of becoming a long range hunter came to be.

Chris is now a very experienced hunter and has had great success in taking animals at extended range including a spring bear at 1,025 yards, a blacktail at 1,005 yards and a bull elk at 995 yards.


Bob Beck introduces Calvin Halladay, Consumer Sales Manager for MOA Rifles, Rugged Ridge Outdoor Gear and Extreme Outer Limits. Calvin is also a guide at Sheep Mountain Outfitters in eastern Oregon.

Bob and Calvin talk about how they got together for an elk hunt here in Oregon. They also discuss the plans for “The Elk Year” and look at the hunts Extreme Outer Limits has in place for 2017.


In our first podcast, Bob Beck will be talking to Kelly McMillan about his background, the background of McMillan stocks and touches on Kelly’s hunts for 2017.


In our first podcast, Kelly McMillan will be talking with Bob about his background, his career in the industry and his businesses.